Induction of labour

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Induction of labour

Post by mamamany on Sun Jan 20, 2008 4:58 am

I'm positively bricking it thinking about tomorrow, I'm so scared that I'll have the same experience as I did with Breckin that I'm nervous as hell and couldn't sleep last night, think I'll be worse tonight, the fact Breckin got up at 5 didn't help (he's now sleeping on sofa)
Think I'll write a wee list of all the things I want to speak to the nurse about before they start ie how long before you break my waters and pray she doesn't say the same which was 17 hours last time. And I need to kow what happens with my painkillers cos I can't take my own medication in hospital as it has to be monitored and without them i can't sleep.
Never mind it'll all soon be over and I'll have a wee baby to cuddle and then I can go see the dentist tongue
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